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30 Mar

Call for Union…

Call for Union to all African Canadian organizations



>>>Read  document about” ADAC code of conduct ” >>>

The Africa Union 6th Region (AU6R) was one of the primary reasons for the creation of a Canada-wide African Diaspora organization called the African Diaspora Association of Canada (ADAC).

ADAC was launched on June 2, 2008 to bring together the different African organizations under one umbrella for the purpose of promoting and serving the interests of our people in Canada and Africa. It must be noted that ADAC was successfully launched with the support of the Government of South Africa through the strident efforts of the South African High Commission in Ottawa. You will recall that the Government of South Africa was charged by the African Union in 2007 to promote the AU6R idea among Diaspora groups throughout the world and to support the establishment of organizations to promote the idea.

ADAC has been in contact with major African Diaspora groups across Canada, and in fact, successfully organized a leadership conference on October 23, 2010, which brought over 50 participants together. ADAC also successfully organized Ottawa-Gatineau leaders forum on September 17, 2013 to exchange on how to work together for the common good of the communities. We continue to maintain contacts with our US counterparts as well as the African Union Office in Washington in our efforts to keep the goals of the AU6R alive.

Since the African Union 6 Region Canada and other associations and leaders appear to be promoting similar objectives, we feel that any new organization will duplicate the activities of ADAC and add no value to our community. ADAC was formed primarily to avoid such duplication. Since ADAC already exists as a registered entity and is known across Canada in our communities, we would suggest that existing organizations and leaders preparing to form new organizations join ranks with us to promote the ideals of a unified Africa and a strong AU 6th Region in Canada. This will also prevent confusion among our various communities and promote a united front among us and with other organizations.

We, therefore, suggest that the representatives of AU6RC, other groups and ADAC meet to find ways in which AU6RC can work under the auspices of ADAC.