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18 May

Message from the President of the Systematic Racism Committee of ADAC

April 20th 2021 – The Verdict against the murder/lynching of Mr. George Floyd less than a year ago on May 25th 2020 being sufficated for nine minutes and 24 seconds on the asphalts with his hands binded behind his back. Unabled to move, or breathe; begging for his life for most of the nine minutes, and 24 seconds for him to die.

The verdict came clear – guilty on all three charges against Derek Michael Chauvin.

Three officers without any humanity or simple common sense or even empathy towards someone whom is different, whom had a life of difficulties, and challenges. We see these even in our country of Canada, more hidden but the same practices as in the United-States, are also common in Europe where in originated.

We should not request, implore, or beg – but demand without any compromises, respect, fairness, justice, and the same equity as they provide to themselves as the so called dominant in their so called diverse societies. There are no compromises, nor there should or will be.

As Africans whether we were here (North, Central & the Islands, and South Americas) prior the pre-colonial days, brought up by force during Trans-Sahara and the Trans-Atlantic slavery, or migrated recently throught he Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s by our African brothers and sisters whom fought with their blood, and still fighting even to these days.

We are all brothers and sisters from Mother Africa (the source of life, and diversity – all types of peples comes from us); and we should not be indifferent and more caring for each other; and act when we see evilness being done to one of our kin folks (as the African-American quotation). Others believes that our kindness is a weakness, yet they are afraid when we take a stand for justice knowing full well that our unity will be their demise. So, they try to divide us with non-sense, and mondane futile follies.

The trial of Mr. George Floyd shows that we have within our ranks, individuals whom do not love us, and would rather see us diasppear; but we will not. As my Grand-Mother stated – We were here long before you, we are here right now, and we will be there long after you (to those whom wants to divide us, destroy us, and slave us again economically or spiritually).

The children of Shem and Ham will always be brothers until the end.

Hans Harry Felix,
President of the Systematic Racism Committee of ADAC