Africa House Project•

Why an Africa House?


In Canada, Afro-caribbeans face social, economic and professional integration problems.


Create in the National Capital Region a space / center where Afro-caribbeans will use their skills for a better living in the Canadian society.

Goals – Africa House

  • Create jobs
  • Favor a better living of afro-caribbean communities
  • Value the skills of these communities to help take charge of themselves
  • Support the programs intended to them 
  • Provide training in leadership through internships

Aims– Africa House

  • Provide the Canadian people with a knowledge on Africa and the Caribbeans (National days and Africa week)
  • Implement projects in partnership between the members of the diaspora and their countries of origin
  • Collabroate with the african and caribbean embassies in the National Capital region in order to create international economic opportunities 

Components of the Africa House

  • Creation of businesses (enterprise incubator)
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Training
  • Health
  • Social Housing

Africa House – Advantages

  • Better living and well-being of the afro-caribbean population within the Canadian society
  • Increase the financial independence of individuals and contribute added value to the taxation system
  • Powerful tool for the development and the better living for the afro Caribbean immigrants in Canada
  • Healthier immigrant population

Next steps

  • Hire a Project co-ordinator
  • Produce a business plan
  • Find partners
  • Chose Financial sources/backers
  • Mid and long term schedule

 You want to contribute and make this dream comes true? Join us please!